Monday, December 6, 2010

Cô Gái Đồ Long 2000

Synopsis: The new 2000 version skips Kwok Suern's parts and begins the plot with Chueng Chiu San (Damien Lau Chung Yun) and the clashes for the two legendary weapons that all of the martial world is seeking--the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber. A saying goes in the martial world that whoso holds the Dragon Saber will be able to rule the world unless the Heavenly Sword is there to oppose it. Under circumstances, Chueng Chiu San meets and marry Yun So So (Michelle Mai Shuet), daughter of Tin Ying Clan's White Eye-Browed Eagle King who were deemed by the "good" clans as evil. Swearing brotherhood with Tse Sun, the Golden Haired Lion King who stole the Dragon Saber, everyone is after Chueng Chiu San for information on the whereabout of Tse Sun. As an answer to his third martial brother's paralysis--caused indirectly by Yun So So and her brother--Chueng Chiu San commits suicide while Yun So So follows. Before Yun dies, she tells their son Chueng Mo Kei to remember all the faces of those who forced their deaths for revenge when he grows up.


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